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Raul Gallon leads G&G Insurance Adjusters, a premier bilingual insurance provider service that extends expert assistance to insurance companies. Under his supervision, the company has over 750 bilingual adjusters who serve respected clients throughout the United States.

With his visionary perspective, he is directing G&G Insurance Adjusters to its dynamic growth. The company has already earned 40K+ adjusted claims and reached a threshold of $71 million annual claim payments in 6 states. With his in-house staff, Raul is based in Florida, United States.

Raul also serves G&G Holdings Group, LLC as a President. He is responsible for overseeing account underwriting processes, audit activities, and management. As an accomplished insurance professional with more than 20 years of experience, Raul is known for driving high growth and profitability. Plus, he is a mastermind when coming up with new and effective business strategies.

He served as a Claims Adjuster in his previous role with Coastal Adjustment Services. Before devoting himself full-time to Coastal Adjustment, he served as a Daily Adjuster in several companies such as Sedgwick, NCA Group, Cunningham Lindsey, Axis Inc. Raul began his career in DWV Investments as a Financial Analyst.


Raul holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics, Business Administration, and Management from Florida Atlantic University. He also completed his undergraduate education as an Associate of Arts from Broward College.

Besides these academic degrees, he had shown interest in Russian Language and mastered it from Lomonosov Moscow State University. Raul has a bottomless thirst for knowledge, and he never wishes to stop learning. He also acquired several certificates in a range of skills, including NFIP, WIND Certified Umpire, Insurance Claims Adjuster, and many more.

Community Service

His Hispanic lineage prompted him in community and social development. Raul received many recognitions and hospitality from his community. He strongly believes every person should enjoy their rights equally, and to do that, he has worked to create equal opportunities for unprivileged people.

He realized he could use his background in business administration and entrepreneurship skills to uplift his community. While serving as a Florida House Representative, he launched a campaign to bring change. This program was focused on protecting the environment, ensuring clean water, helping downtown development, promoting tourism to the district, supporting LGTB+, promoting arts & culture, ensuing environmental protection, and small business growth.

It has been two decades since Raul has contributed to his society and mentored community members. He likewise served as a mentor for many non-profit organizations such as The Gallon Foundation. For his numerous community services, his company received tons of Awards from the Business Journal.


Personal Life

Raul grew up in Colombia in a middle-class family. To pursue his education and passion for being an entrepreneur, he moved to America on August 15, 1995. He worked several jobs in various restaurants and buildings for the first five years to support himself and pay his education fees.

He enrolled in Broward Community College as an international student. Since the expenses of an international student are 4 times higher than regular students, Raul’s first five years in America were the most challenging times he faced. 

He had to attend school from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, then start work at 4:00 PM. So in just 2 hours, he had to rush to his home, prepare his lunch and get ready for his upcoming work. Raul was working late nights as well. He had to wash two or three cars every night after midnight.

“Entrepreneurship is not a destination; it’s a journey,” – Raul’s whole life reflects this quote perfectly. His hardships and passion for the business have turned him into what he is now. He grew up in a family that truly believes they have the talent to be the best business owners. 

Raul is a true entrepreneur who enjoys working hard every day to make his vision a reality. He portrayed a passion for earning money from a young age. He traded chickens to family friends and other businesses to earn his living. Raul is a hardworking individual who is ready to put full-on effort into completing given tasks. He has never kept his works unfinished or lost hope; he works with diligence until he gets the job done.

Raul is happiest with his wife, Marina, raising their only son, David, in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. He married Marina on a lovely day in February 2019. Marina is from Russia, and they both love to travel to picturesque locations and enjoy trips with their family and friends. They share an incredible passion for Cars and Formula 1 and attend various racing programs. 

Immense happiness came into their life when their handsome boy David was born; he is an energetic 1.5 years now. They arranged David’s baptism ceremony in Bogota, Colombia, and over 120 people were there to celebrate the ceremony. 

Raul and Marina are working on crypto trading on a number of platforms like platforms Bybit, Phenex, Robinhood, and Webull. Besides this, Raul is active in the stock market and was able to achieve profits of 100k in the first year.


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Raul Gallon

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