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January 26, 2022, Fort Lauderdale, FL - Raul Gallon, a seasoned entrepreneur, small business owner, and philanthropic community leader.

About Raul Gallon

Raul Gallon is a successful entrepreneur, small business owner, and philanthropic community leader who lives in downtown Fort Lauderdale. He is the Chief Executive Officer/President of G&G Holdings Group, LLC, a diversified holding company with holdings in various industry verticals including, but not limited to, Insurance Services and specialized insurance management. He has a passion for leadership, success, and team building.

Gallon, who is originally from Colombia, has been a resident of the United States for over 27 years. He is married to Marina, and the couple has a 14-month-old son. Gallon attended Broward College before enrolling as an international student at Florida Atlantic University, where he obtained a degree in Business Administration with a Minor in International Economics in 2001. He is a community leader who has served as a mentor and on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including one close to his heart, The Gallon Foundation.

Gallon, a political outsider, and Fort Lauderdale local, plans to use his business knowledge and experience to help the citizens of his District

According to John Kennedy Things do not happen they are made to happen” and Raul Gallon is a live example of this quote. His determination, hard work, and clear vision of goals make him a successful entrepreneur. He migrated to America in 1995 from Colombia, enrolled in Florida Atlantic University as an international student, and earned a degree in Business Administration. He has put a lot of effort in life to earn money and even has sold chicken and did a lot of jobs in his hometown as a child, but his vision was very clear to become an entrepreneur and he makes everything possible. He was an excellent student of Broward College to be qualified as an international candidate to get enrolled in Florida’s best university and completed his degree in Business Administration, with a Minor in International Economics in 2001. He has started his professional journey in Florida- the USA as a Senior Property Adjuster at Crawford & Company.

He is now president of G&G Insurance Adjusters, running this company for 15 years till the present. This company is introducing technology web-based applications to make the insurance process easy and deliver the best services to clients. He is an experienced insurance expert with a demonstrated ability to provide quality services including third-party administration, homeowner claims, commercial claims, casualty investigations, and property inspections. He has the best consultation skills in insurance and brings a high level of credibility due to his ability to communicate effectively. He has served as Daily Adjuster for 8 years to investigate and determine insurance coverage by examining claims and investigating related issues. He is currently serving as National General Adjuster in American Insurance General and handles all kinds of losses and insurance-related documentation work for premium clients.

Raul Gallon as an entrepreneur also does trading and runs Florida exporting company Gallon Exports, Inc. This company is harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables, cultivates them, and ships them to St. Petersburg/Moscow wholesalers through the best internationally known carriers meeting the demand of the food retail market by providing the best quality services. Their Hass avocado is in high demand.

Raul Gallon foundation- thegallonfoundation is raising charitable donations to different companies and leaders that are playing role in eliminating poverty. This foundation is helping homeless people with food and sleeping bags, provides drug addiction assistance, and family counseling to the community.

This is a non-profit organization that raises money to support other non-profit organizations and local ministries to help poor people. His efforts are fulfilling the purpose of serving humanity.

His 20 + years of experience, demonstrated leadership and strategic policies are marking the success of G&G Insurance Adjusters Company. This company is providing the best customer service by improving technology within the insurance industry. His small-scale business knowledge and ideas of promoting downtown development, campaigns focused on protecting the environment and clean water, encouraging tourism, art and culture can help the community to grow and will serve the purpose of creating a wealthy society.


As a Hispanic, Gallon believes that every person deserves the same opportunity to achieve and will work to ensure this right. His campaign is focused on environmental and clean water protection, downtown development, tourism to the District, LGBTQ community support, arts and culture promotion, environmental protection, and small business growth. Gallon is new to politics, but he believes he has what it takes to be an outstanding representative. As the District 94 Representative, he will be dedicated to serving the people of the district with a vision for the future and a willingness to listen to and deliver on what the community desires.

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